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Cradle me in your hands. Feel my vibration.  



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I was born in a small lake town in Minnesota. As a teenager I had the strong urge to see the world and explore. So I graduated high school at 16, travelled and worked in Europe, and landed in NYC where I stayed for 10 years. I remember playing in the sand on the lakeshore or on beaches while traveling for work, and always forming these odd noses in the sand. It seemed to come natural and was something I was drawn to. I have a nice bump on my bridge that separates me from my other family members. Maybe I did indeed break it falling on my roller skates. This peaceful meditative state using my hands molding shapes is where my sculpting was born. I would make noses and other forms out of wax at restaurants at dinner with friends when the conversation got to long winded.

Finally after moving to LA to live in a home with a yard again, after meeting my creative sparkler of a partner Alejandro Artigas of Artless Corporation, and having our magical son Oliver, I decided it was time to make something out of this ongoing playfulness I embodied. Welcome to Keller Made. I desire a kind of creativity pollination with my works. Wanting to connect and have a deeper relationship with the world through my creations, I’ve chosen to always lead with curiosity. My pieces are meant to be timeless, last multiple lifetimes, traveling through families, creating memories along the way. I sculpt all pieces by hand myself and use local Los Angeles bronze craftsmen to follow traditional bronze pouring techniques.



After being honored as furniture line ARTLESS Corporation’s creative director in 2014, we thought it only natural to collaborate together with the Keller Made sculptures. So we have designed a collection of pieces as Keller Made for Artless.  We hold similar values and sensibilities and we look forward to more creative adventures together. You can discover the beauty of ARTLESS here

Alejandro Artigas of Artless Corporation

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