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Keller Made Sacred Plant Medicines are created in sacred ceremony with deep healing intention on the new and full moon cycles. All medicines are created and made in folk medicine tradition by Melissa Keller, mother, daughter, medicine woman, healer, herbalist, artist, creator, daughter of the stars and Pachamama, bear tribe. These medicines are best used in meditation and with intention. I invite you to build a relationship with the plants as a way to deepen the wisdom and support they offer. 


"I’ve never met a Keller Made product Im not obsessed with. The blue tea is my favorite tea on the planet and a regular staple in my house. My fiancé and I sit with it before intimate moments and it helps us connect even deeper. Her shrubs are delicious and packed with flavor. The sleep tincture has been so supportive for getting deep, quality rest. You can feel the medicinal properties and the love she puts into her products."
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