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Each Keller Made piece is hand sculpted in clay, then it is sand or wax cast and poured into solid bronze. Each piece embodies its own unique texture and patina. These pieces are meant to have a life of their own and we celebrate each pieces difference. What one could call imperfections are more like freckles on the skin. All pieces are hand made in Los Angeles.

Bronzes will patina and darken over time with touch and exposure to air. To bring your pieces back to a shiny new finish, you can use any simple bronze polish. We enjoy them in their natural evolving state.

A playful character study:

The human nose is a truly unique characteristic. It is capable of holding memories and feelings. I am returning to my exploration and admiration of the human nose, by shaping and forming unique nose forms by hand in clay and making them

permanent and immortal with the use of bronze. I imagine the ongoing experiences the noses will have in the homes or spaces they inhabit. The laughter or wonderment they will create. Hanging on the wall somewhere, or placed just so on a book or a bedside table. Having sculpted each nose by hand we share a visceral exchange, a continued connection, with the memories made by these sculptures.

The Keller Made Shark Fins series is my interpretation of objects I love found in nature. I feel I am making love to these objects when I sculpt them. The Cacaos heavy solid bronze weight, feels powerful and masculine, while maintaining its ultimate feminine form of wave like lips. The Living Stone has a valley of mystery cutting through the center of its soft curves. The Yin and Yang of these natural objects is always present.

The Keller Made Shark Fins play peekaboo from a book or table, exposing the silhouette of the fin just breaching the water. I'm toying with the sense of danger and thrill one gets from the site of a shark fin sneaking out of the water, the excitement and the arousal that surrounds this play. I am drawn to this dance.

Holding the wet clay in my open hands, a bowl forms. These simple organic forms are how the Keller Made Bowl Series began. The relationship between the clay and the bronze, both from the earth, are reunited. As my hands hold the bowl, the bowl holds back.


Keller Made Sacred Plant Medicines are created in sacred ceremony with deep healing intention on the new and full moon cycles. All medicines are created and made in folk medicine tradition by Melissa Keller, mother, daughter, medicine woman, healer, herbalist, artist, creator, daughter of the stars and Pachamama, bear tribe. These medicines are best used in meditation and with intention. I invite you to build a relationship with the plants as a way to deepen the wisdom and support they offer. 

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